2012 Festival

2nd & 3rd November 2012

Artists confirmed…  The Nukes – The Roswells – Some West Coast Jazz – Greg Taylor givin us some jazz piano … !

Gumboots swim! Kids concert! Blackboard open Mic Friday night!

Camping, sun, swim, maybe a cruise in to Kawhia Saturday afternoon, and a bit of campsite jamming, bonfire Saturday night.

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The Nukes – headline act 2012!

The Nukes!

The Nukes – www.thenukes.co.nz  – facebook


The Roswells – swinging at Oparau yeah!

The Roswells, Auckland Folk Festival 2012

“We just gotta swing!” say the Roswells, a quartet of Jenny Christianson, Sonja Giles, Trude Mattingly and Peter Parnham.

Come and hear the swinging rhythms and complex harmonies of songs from the 1930’s, sung with only an acoustic guitar for backing. Listen to a new take on songs from the greats like the Boswell Sisters, Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Waller and Duke Ellington.

You’re bound to be surprised as the Roswells perform a concoction of key changes, tempo shifts and choruses sung in something resembling pig Latin. Blues refrains and strange harmonies go into the mix too – just because they feel like it.

Before long you’ll want to click your fingers, tap your feet – and swing.









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