2017 Festival

2017 festival 10 & 11 November.


Our 2017 Saturday night guests …

Sargam Fusion

A treat of traditional Indian sitar and tabla. Sargam Fusion comprises a bunch of passionate and creative musicians, each bringing in their own expertiseWe, at Sargam Fusion believe that Indian classical music is extremely powerful yet malleable and can easily amalgamate with different genres and styles of music with absolute ease. 

Some of the classic blends that the band has composed thus far include Sufi with Opera, traditional Indian folk with Arabic, South Indian classical with Maori and several other unusual combinations.

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Guilhem Desq

The electric hurdy gurdy man.

Guilhem is from France, offering a surprising journey around his unusual instrument. Although he draws his energy from his instrument’s tradition, he gets his inspiration mainly from modern music and improvisation. He keeps exploring the endless sound possibilities of the hurdy gurdy to create a universe where places, times and feelings are mixed all together, and in which he invites us to travel, for a few turns of his wheel…

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The Goth and the Pixie

Once upon a time a Goth and a Pixie collided. This is the fallout.

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Ceol Wahine

‘Coel’ is music in Gaelic.

Its Hanna Wiskari, Karen Jones, Victoria Vigenser, Julie Grace. A chick super group!



Our photos …

Friday night blackboard concert… meal times … childrens’ concert … gumboot swim … Saturday night concert …


Photos by Lott Larsson, Fiona Beckett, Carol Knutson and Simon Travaglia.

More photos and videos at www.facebook.com/oparaufestival