Guest performers

Saturday night concert line-up

Otice Mace

On stage he cuts a dishevelled, driven figure. You’ll see him in wine-bars and smoky dives, having ventured forth from his space-age bachelor pad in deepest Grafton,¬†with his trusty Telecaster, wing-dinging his way through one of his minimalist tear-jerker ballads, flirting with self-parody in his persona as the little guy left raw and bleeding in the aftermath of relationships gone sour.


Serious Happiness

fans said …

“I really enjoyed these guys! They were very the monkees x early kings of Leon x the black keys x Arctic monkeys. Great energy and took me to a great place”

“This band will draw you in … and turn you inside out … with their passion ….their, at times deeply moving …. other times hilarious, … lyrics … and their incredible instrumental talents ! These guys are on the rise !! Watch out NZ … watch out world !”


Neighbouring planets







Harmonic Resonators

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